Vacuum tubes are used as amplifier or oscillator in induction machines for producing high-frequency voltage. Structure of the tube is formed from three main components that are filament (cathode) , grid and anode
Due to heating the filament, electrons release from the cathode toward the anode and the grid, according to the applied voltage has the task of controlling the electrons
Each of these three components can be damaged for various reasons
Due to the high price and high technology of  these tubes, the reconstruction of them is of high importance
This engineering group as the sole repair unit of these tubes in the country, until now has succeeded in repair and reconstruction of tubes of various powers from the world's leading companies with more than one thousand hours guarantee, that the reconstructed samples are as follows
Siemens-RS3300 CJ
Siemens - RS3150CJ
EEV - BW1185J2
EEV - BW1602J2
Thomson - ITK90
Thomson - ITK120
Thomson - ITK200

Thomson - ITL15
Details of the occurred defects in the tubes and the way of service and maintenance of them are available in the research and development(R&D) department.